My name is Deanna MacDonald and I am the Owner/Artist here at Little Wilderness Arts and Crafts. I first started creating a variety of handmade items during the COVID-19 pandemic and to my surprise a small business was born. What was at first a chance to honor my creativity, soon became an opportunity for me to stay home with our two young children, one of whom has a disability and needs a little extra care and attention.

Like many modern families, my own is of mixed heritage. My daughter Sydney and I are both of Scottish and Irish descent while my partner and our children are Woodland Cree from the Bigstone Cree Nation.

It is important to both my husband and I that all our children are aware of their family heritage and have the opportunity to grow up knowing who they are and learning the importance of tradition. We work hard to preserve those teachings so that they may pass forward that knowledge to the future generations. 

I strive to provide a collection of quality items that represent both of our cultures, our connection to the land and to celebrate the uniqueness of being born different.